Working with animals is generally quite a clean job due to the consistent cleaning and sanitising of the workspace. For me not much will change in the grooming salon as a full cleaning and sterilisation will take place before and after any dog has been there.

I will be wearing a mask and gloves and your dog will be double washed in preparation for their groom.

Upon arrival at the salon there will be zero contact, you may leave your dog in the secured reception area whilst you fill out the new customer form. There is a contactless alcohol sanitiser you are welcome to use.

I will be avoiding crossovers of appointments for the time being to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. As a small independent salon I can operate on a one in one out basis also allowing time to clean down all handles and surfaces.


Contactless payments will be available for grooms up to the price of £45. You are perfectly welcome to use the available card machine for higher payments. If you would prefer not to I can accept cash, cheque or BACS.

 I will be following advice from the pet care authorities such as PIF & BDGA they have set out how salons manage the new normal for health & safety regulations.


Please be aware of all the protocols that have been in place. Please do not come bring your dog for an appointment if you are feeling unwell with covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone over the last 2 weeks who has been unwell.

Healthy and Safety 

There is a first aid kit on sites in preparation for emergencies and I hold a canine first aid cetification with Animal Aiders.