NAIL trim £8


This is an additional treatment that is perfect for those dogs that suffer with tear stains. It is a hypoallergenic treatment as well as a calming and aromatherapeutic experience for your dog to enjoy.

puppy pamper intro £25

Introduce your new puppy to the world of grooming! They will receive a gentle wash, brush and blow dry. I will familiarise them to all the equipment I would use when they are ready for a full groom such as nail clippers and blow dryers so they are not so daunting later on.

Bath, brush and fluff dry starting from £25

This includes a personalised shampoo and conditioner to suit your dogs coat, a full brush and blow dry along with a nail trim and spritz spray.

De-shedding treatment starting from £35

This treatment is specifically for those double coated breeds which do not require a shave such as Huskies, Retrievers or German Shepherd. They will receive a double wash with a suitable shampoo and condition for their coat, followed by a de-shed to remove all that surplus undercoat.

Full Groom starting from £37

This includes a double wash with a personalised shampoo to suit your dog’s coat with pads and nail trim, ear cleaning and hygiene areas also attended to. When this is all done and your dog’s coat is prepped, I will then style your dog to your chosen requirements. This can range from a breed standard cut or you may opt for an alternative style.

I will finish off with a conditioning spritz so they go home smelling nice and fresh. I am more than happy give advice where needed.

Please contact me to request a quote for a full groom. Each dog has individual requirements. Prices are based on your dog’s breed, size, temperament and coat condition.

Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning

Anaesthetic free teeth cleaning!

This ultrasonic zero noise, zero vibration dental care treatment will take care of removing tartar and plaque, protecting your dog from Gingivitis, Periodontal disease and Halitosis.

The noiseless toothbrush is stress free while combatting plaque and tartar formation,

This is offered as a course of treatments:

Course of 3: £75


Course of 5: £95

Amount of sessions can be decided upon first appointment and consultation