Terms and Conditions 


Before grooming your dog, you must agree to read this document as a new customer you will be asked to sign a declaration form. From time to time the terms and conditions may be amended and any changes can be found here on the website.

Your Dogs Health and Welfare

When your dog is with us, their health and welfare is our main concern at all stages of the grooming process. Should we believe your dog is experiencing any fear or stress at any time, we will where possible employ alternative strategies to alleviate this. This may require extra time or sessions to overcome this problem.

In the case that a dog has any part of their coat matted (tightly tangled or knotted) it will be cut/clipped off for your dog’ s wellbeing. There is a chance that your pet's skin can become more irritated during the clipping process known as shaving rash. We recommend using a medicated shampoo to help sooth any irritation that may occur.

During grooming it is possible pre-existing conditions are noticed, which you will be informed of, in order you can seek veterinary advice. Extremely rarely accidents can happen whilst grooming, or medical issues can arise. In the unlikely event of this happening you authorise us to seek emergency veterinary treatment.


Time Keeping

Our appointment slots are timed to each individual dog to make time for the next appointment, so it is important to show up on time for dropping your dog off as well as collection. Any customer that shows up 30 minutes late for an appointment without prior warning may be refused and need rebooking. You will be given a time to come collect your dog upon completion, please show up on the given time in order to avoid late collection fees.


All quoted prices assume that the dogs coat is well maintained free from knots, matts, tangles and fleas, that they are well behaved & shows no aggression. The dog is not overweight or oversized for the breed.

Whilst we are happy to work with nervous/ timid dogs, these may incur extra charges due to the extra time and handling skills required. Charges will be incurred for matted coats, those that are poorly maintained, or dogs with fleas. Payment can be made by cash, card or cheque.


Cancellations and No Shows

We appreciate that sometimes you may need to rearrange your dog’s appointment. As long as this is done with more than 24 hours notice there will be no charge. No shows or cancellations before the 24 hour period may be charged the price of a full groom.


Customer details

All your data is confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Please inform us of any changes in your dogs' health or temperament or your personal details to allow us to continue to provide a service tailored to your dogs' needs.